Kahla Watkins



There’s Something in the Bubbles Ad Campaign


LaCroix is a brand that has grown exponentially over the past few years with hardly any advertising. While they are currently America's #1 Domestic Sparkling Water Brand, there is a possibility that LaCroix is a trend that will fade in time. In order to prevent LaCroix this, an ad campaign was created with Meg Gleason and Krista Nussey. Instead of neglecting the "cult brand" status LaCroix has created for themselves, we decided to take advantage of their large following and grow it even more.


Research and Campaign Book


Vending machines were designed and installed throughout the states. Cans will come out banded together with the words "One for now. One for later."

Direct Mail

We aimed our direct mail pieces to college students specifically. They would receive a compressed t-shirt in the shape of a LaCroix can.


This is a billboard designed to activate during high traffic times, during which it will shoot out bubbles to engage with the people stuck in traffic.  


Print Ads

Two print ads were designed to show the transformation that occurs once you start drinking LaCroix. "It happens slowly at first... Then all at once!"

Experiential Marketing

A LaCroix truck is set to travel the beaches on America in order to promote the brand and bring together people. When the truck stops at a beach a big bubble soccer game will be set up, music will be playing, people dressed as the characters (similar to those in the print ads) will be there handing out the products.

Social Media

Pushing LaCroix to have a presence on more than just Instagram and Facebook, a Snapchat filter was designed.


Television Spot

Lastly, there would be a TV spot that encompasses the entire campaign in 30 seconds.